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Species Pages

Ambassador animals are broken down by taxonomic group. Visit the following pages to browse ambassador species.

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  • North American Kestrel

    15 Nov 2021 by

    Falco sparverius Order: Falconiformes Family: Falconidae Overview Males are easily distinguished from females by their size (males are smaller) and their slate blue wings (females have brown wings). Kestrels possess a pair of false eye spots, or ocelli, on the nape of their neck. These dark circles are thought to be a form of protective… Read more

  • Tamandua (lesser anteater)

    19 Jul 2021 by

    Southern Tamandua Latin Name: Tamandua tetradactyla Order: Pilosa Family: Myrmecophagidae Southern tamandua are also known as lesser anteaters (based on a comparison to Giant Anteaters) and collared anteaters/tamandua (due to their standard coloration of a dark patch of fur in a collar shape on their back). There is a second species of tamandua, the northern… Read more

  • Prehensile-tailed Skink

    19 Jul 2021 by

    The Prehensile tailed(PT) skink has many adaptations to discuss with visitors about their arboreal lifestyle. However, some individuals might have aggressive tendencies around their enclosure or breeding season. Presenting them on a perch can minimize those interactions. Limited breeding in captivity can impact availability of ambassadors.

  • Glass Lizard (aka Scheltopusik)

    19 Jul 2021 by

    The scheltopusik is often overlooked as a snake, but is a great transition species for people afraid of snakes. Their sandy brown coloration and diamond shaped scales are excellent camouflage. They can be hissy and roll in hand, but can also mellow out and relax in hand. Like other reptiles, it needs a specific heat gradient and UVB.

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