Ambassador Animal Guidelines

The mission of the Ambassador Animal Scientific Advisory Group (AASAG) is to develop cooperative relationships between the education, research, and animal welfare interests of the zoo and aquarium community around the topic of ambassador animals. Learn more about this group, its goals, and how you can get involved.

One of the primary projects of the AASAG is to support the development of Ambassador Animal Guidelines (AAGs) for relevant taxa. AAGs are designed to be a resource for people working with Ambassador Animals in any capacity, and provide information on basic requirements, best practices, and more.

AAGs are recommendations. They’re considered a work in progress, not meant to be exclusive, and may require adaptation in each institution. 

Available Ambassador Animal Guidelines

There is a detailed development process for starting an AAG for a new species which is outlined on the AZA AAG webpage. AAGs are designed to function as a stand-alone guide for an ambassador or can be integrated into an existing or in development AZA TAG or SSP Animal Care Manual. In most cases, it is preferable to work on an AAG while an ACM is under development, and the liaisons for the AASAG cross-reference the ACMs in progress or under review in order to stay up to date on the most updated manuals.

For a list of currently available AAGs, please visit the Ambassador Animal Guidelines page on the AZA website.

AAGs Currently in Development

Species TAG  Status Date of request
Serval Felid TAG in progress 2017
Tamandua PAX (Pangolin, Anteater, Xenathra) TAG in progress 2017
Penguin Penguin TAG in progress 2017
Cheetah Felid TAG in progress 2017
Capybara RIL (Rodent, Insectivore, Lagomorph) TAG in progress 28-Mar-18
Lesser Tenrec RIL TAG proposed 28-Mar-18
Kinkajou Small Carnivore TAG proposed 12-Apr
Eurasian Eagle Owl and Milky Eagle Owl Raptor TAG in progress 10-Aug-18
Kookaburra Coraciiformes TAG proposed 11-Aug-18
Flamingo CPTAG (Ciconiiformes and Phoenicopteriformes TAG) proposed 17-Aug-18
Echidna MM (Marsupial & Monotreme) TAG proposed 17-Aug-18
Kea Parrot in progress 17-Aug-18
Porcupine RIL TAG proposed 17-Aug-18