Animal Acquisitions

This page will serve as a resource for how to acquire ambassadors, recommended resources for to acquire from, and more.

Animal Acquisitions

An initiative of the AASAG is to maintain lists for recommended resources to acquire ambassadors. 

Many common ambassadors are available through rescues and rehabilitators, and it is recommended to develop relationships with these groups locally to your institution in order to help them understand what qualifications are most appropriate for an individual to be chosen as an ambassador for your facility. Needs of each institution, its staffing and handler skill and abilities should all be considered when selecting and acquiring an ambassador. 


  • Species Survival Plan Programs – many ambassadors are available through the SSP program, and any SSP species being used as an ambassador should be coordinated through the SSP. Check the species page for the contact information for the PL, or go directly to the SSP page on the AZA website by searching the species. 
  • Invertebrate Acquisitions – list of various sources for invertebrate acquisitions, both commercial and AZA institutions that breed invertebrate colonies, regularly have surplus, or could breed upon request. 
  • Check individual Species Pages for some acquisition information

If you have the potential to breed common ambassador species and want to be listed as a resource, please contact us.