Ambassador Animal Survey

2021 Ambassador Animal Survey… is here!

Special questions for 2021: Help us learn which SSP and Non-Managed Ambassadors are your most popular species for your Ambassador programs.

You’ll be asked to complete some simple the Sustainable Collections questions about your most popular SSP and Non-SSP ambassador animal species, why they’re popular, and how they were acquired as you work through completing each taxa group’s questions.

Complete the Sustainable Collections section as much as you can- but you may not have 3 SSP species or non-SSP species for each taxa- that’s okay! Skip what you need to.

Other Notes: Like last year, you will retake this survey for each taxonomic group of ambassadors at your facility.

  • You only need to fill out all the contact info once, then use just your name and facility each additional time
  • Answer as many questions as you can for the animals you manage, but if there are multiple collections of ambassadors at your facility, you can have someone else complete for their section. Just make sure you coordinate so species aren’t being double-counted.
  • Email us if you have questions!

In 2020, we conducted a survey. Check out last year’s results below.

We surveyed primarily AZA institutions, seeking to find information on current species in an ambassador situation.

We surveyed institutions in Part 1 about their staffing, who cares for ambassadors, and how many they currently hold. We asked in Part 2 of the survey which specific species they currently hold.

  • 170 Institutions completed Part 1 of the survey.
  • 135 Institutions completed Part 2 of the survey.
  • Combined, there are more than 800 species across these facilities.

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