Fall 2020

Download Fall 2021 (09-28-2020) newsletter This issue includes: Articles AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: A Giant Rabbit with a Giant Notion (Domestic Rabbit) SHOW AND TAIL: Extreme Monotremes (Echidna) AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: The Swallow-tailed Kite SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Frilled Lizard (Frilled Dragon) SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula SHOW AND TAIL: From Bug in a Box to Out…

Kangaroo, Red

Macropus rufus Order: Diprodontia Husbandry Information Housing Requirements Open space without too many obstacles. Shelter from rain. They really like lying on heat pads in cold weather. Diet Requirements Hay, herbivore pellets, fresh produce such as lettuce, yams, apples. Veterinary Concerns Kangaroos in captivity are prone to tooth and mouth problems, often called lumpy jaw disease….