summer 2020

Download Summer 2020 (07-08-2020) newsletter This issue includes: COVID-19 Special Articles Our 2-Team Approach During COVID-19 Taking Care of Program Animals Without Programs Moving Our Ambassador Program Forward During the COVID-19 Pandemic SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula SHOW AND TAIL: Beyond the Water Spout – Training Itsy, Bitsy Spiders SHOW AND TAIL: Fernando and…

Winter 2020

Download Winter 2020 (01-27-2020) newsletter This issue includes: AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: Close Encounters of the Wild Kind: Linneaus Two-toed Sloth SHOW AND TAIL: Assessing 2.1 Straw Colored Fruit Bats (Eidolon helvum) for Ambassador Work SHOW AND TAIL: A Touching Experience (touch tanks) AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: Interpretive Tools for Incorporating Empathy into Live Animal Presentations SHOW…

Spring-Summer 2018

Download Spring-Summer 2018 (06-27-2018) News from the Ambassador Animal SAG Trending Topics in Ambassador Animals Trending Topics: Domestic Dogs and Cats as Ambassador Animals: A Look at Eight Facilities Ambassadors in Action: A Slow but Steady Race Against Extinction: Training Radiated Tortoises to Inspire Public Participation in Conservation Efforts Show and Tail: Housing Ambassador Animals on…

Winter 2017

Download Winter 2017-18 (01-02-2018) This issue includes: News from the Ambassador Animal SAG Trending Topics in Ambassador Animals: Introduction Imprinted vs. Parent Reared Owls Participating in Programs – Perspectives from Four Facilities Ambassadors in Action: Enriching Ambassador Animals Development of an Invertebrate Program at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Species Spotlight: Tawny Frogmouth

Summer 2017: Volume 3, Issue 2

Download Summer 2017 (06-13-2017) News from the Ambassador Animal SAG AASAG Mid-year Meeting Ambassadors in Action: Tracy Aviary’s Andean Condor Ambassador Research Corner: Guest Experiences at Touch Tanks Species Spotlight: Aquatic Touch Tanks Show and Tail: Choosy but not Picky – Degus as Ambassador Animals