Fall 2020

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This issue includes:


  • AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: A Giant Rabbit with a Giant Notion (Domestic Rabbit)
  • SHOW AND TAIL: Extreme Monotremes (Echidna)
  • AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: The Swallow-tailed Kite
  • SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Frilled Lizard (Frilled Dragon)
  • SPECIES SPOTLIGHT: Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula
  • SHOW AND TAIL: From Bug in a Box to Out of the Box (training invertebrates)
  • RESEARCH CORNER: Evaluating the Welfare of Chickens in a New Program at Lincoln Park Zoo
  • SHOW AND TAIL: Providing a Bird’s-eye View
  • SHOW AND TAIL: Chin-vestigating a Hands-off Approach to Chinchillas as Ambassadors
  • AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: Call of the Wild: How the “Wild” Found Their Calling Through a Global Pandemic