spring 2020

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This issue includes:

  • Ambassador Animal Acquisition
  • AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: Individualization in our Ambassador Animals: A Goat isn’t Just a Goat Page
  • SHOW AND TAIL: A Flocking Good Time (Chilean flamingo)
  • AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: Heroes Arrive at Point Definance Zoo & Aquarium (African giant pouched rats)
  • RESEARCH CORNER: Impact of a Restarted Ambassador Animal Program (building empathy)
  • SHOW AND TAIL: Perches and Pouches (Virginia opossum)
  • AMBASSADORS IN ACTION: Voluntary Animal Encounter: Screaming Hairy Armadillo
  • SHOW AND TAIL: Lessons Learned from a Co-reared Canadian Lynx
  • SHOW AND TAIL: Creating Choice with a Three Banded Armadillo