Pickerel Frog

Rana palustris

Order: Anura

Family: Ranidae

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Housing Requirements

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  • Temperature, Humidity, Light Cycles
  • Substrate:
  • Social Housing/Colony Management
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Diet Requirements

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  • Diet under human care

Veterinary Concerns


  • Behavioral Relevant Information
  • Environmental Enrichment
  • Behavioral Enrichment
  • Schedule
  • Other Enrichment Resources


  • Behaviors Trained
  • Reinforcers used & schedule of reinforcement

Programmatic Information

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  • Interesting Natural History Information
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Acquisition Information

Look for specialty/exotic rescues such as:


Comments from the Rating System

  •  Pittsburgh Zoo: While fairly easy to care for, they are much smaller in size than some of the other frogs and toads available. They stressed out more quickly with larger groups and were harder to see.

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