Desert Millipede

Orthoporus ornatus


Husbandry Information

Housing Requirements

  • 10-20 gallon fish tank, depending on how many you keep together. Provide soil or coconut bedding for digging as they spent the majority of their time buried. Artificial plants and a few rocks were provided.

Diet Requirements

  • Chopped produce (lettuce, apple, banana, etc) They were also occasionally offered soaked dry dog food.

Veterinary Concerns

Notes on Enrichment & Training


Colony or Breeding Management

Notes species is housed or managed socially or for breeding purposes.

Individual Identification

Dimorphism or practiced ways to individually mark species (such as those in colonies, like giant millipedes).

Programmatic Information


Temperature Guidelines


Tips on Presentation

Touching Techniques

Tips on Handling

  • Pittsburgh: They are very small and not suited for larger groups. They will tolerate handling, but are difficult for students to see from any distance. Our largest was approsimately 4″ long and narrow. Handling is similar to other millipede species otherwise. About 1/2 of them preferred to stay curled up in a ball.

Potential Messaging

Acquisition Information

Comments from the Rating System

  • Pittsburgh Zoo: Very small for programs.

Natural History Information

Range and Habitat

Texas, Arizona, New Mexico

Physical Description

Life Cycle



Threats and Conservation Status

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