Wolf (grey, timber, Arctic)

Canis lupus

Order: Carnivora


Husbandry Information

Housing Requirements

Diet Requirements

Veterinary Concerns

Notes on Enrichment & Training


Colony or Breeding Management

Notes species is housed or managed socially or for breeding purposes.

Individual Identification

Dimorphism or practiced ways to individually mark species (such as those in colonies, like giant millipedes).

Programmatic Information


Temperature Guidelines



Tips on Presentation

  • Some great behaviors to highlight include howling and scent-rolling.

Touching Techniques

Tips on Handling


Potential Messaging

  • Wolves have a bad reputation that is undeserved. They do not normally attack humans, and play a vital role in the health of ecosystems by killing sick and injured animals and preventing overpopulation of species such as deer, moose, and elk.
  • In general, animals seen at the zoo do not make good pets. Most have specialized dietary, veterinary, housing, and social needs that are difficult or impossible for even dedicated pet owners to meet. Always ensure that your future pet has not been taken from the wild. Capture of wild animals for the pet trade has significantly damaged the survival prospects of species such as sloths, tamanduas, and many parrots. Captured animals are typically mistreated by profit-motivated traffickers and dealers, resulting in many animal deaths; well-meaning animal lovers may feel like they are rescuing animals by purchasing them but are really perpetuating the cruelty. In addition, many exotic pets are released by their owners when they become too dangerous or demanding, often with devastating effects on local ecosystems. Animals that should never be kept as pets include all bats, primates, and exotic carnivores. Domestic dogs and cats are almost always the best option! Many deserving animals are available for adoption at animal shelters.
    http://www.philadelphiazoo.org/Save-Wildlife/Images/PetWalletBro2012.aspx http://pin.primate.wisc.edu/aboutp/pets/index.html

Acquisition Information


Comments from the Rating System

Natural History Information

Range and Habitat


Physical Description


Life Cycle




Threats and Conservation Status


Did you know…


Kenai howl good.JPG

Arctic wolf howling with guestsKenai roll 1.jpg

Arctic wolf rolling on scents

Kenai roll.jpg

Arctic wolf rolling on scents

Kenai howl rock.jpg

Arctic wolf howling during show


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Top Photo: By Seney Natural History Association (Female Gray Wolf) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Houston Zoo, Natural Encounters