Asian Forest Scorpion

Hetterometrus spinifer



Niabi Zoo Ambassador Invertebrate SOP – Asian Forest Scorpion

Husbandry Information

Housing Requirements

Diet Requirements


Veterinary Concerns

Notes on Enrichment & Training


Colony Management


Individual Identification


Programmatic Information


Temperature Guidelines

See: Temperature and Transport: Welfare Implications for Ambassador Ectotherms from AASAG Newsletter, Dec. 2016

If a heat source is needed, a hot water bottle should be filled with hot water and
wrapped in a hand towel. Place the wrapped hot water bottle next to the clear carrier inside the cooler.


  • At Niabi Zoo, scorpions are transported in clear, travel carriers. For the scorpion, place a piece of hard felt or bark in front of the scorpion. Use an object to gently encourage the scorpion on to the piece of felt or bark.
    • Place the arachnid (and the piece of felt or bark) in the carrier and place the lid on the clear carrier and secure it.
    • The clear travel carrier should be placed into a cooler to protect the fragile carrier and should be packed with a towel to prevent sliding.

Tips on Presentation

  • Ambassador animal handlers will carry the clear carrier to show
    guests the arachnids inside. The scorpion will be presented in a clear carrier only.

Touching Techniques

  • At Niabi Zoo, guests are not permitted to touch or tap on the carrier, just look. Guests are not allowed to touch the scorpions.

Tips on Handling

Behavior: Gauge the animal’s behavior before removing it from the enclosure. Handlers should be aware of what a full defensive position looks like in this species.

Stress behaviors:

Pincers forward and open, rear end lifted up with tail and stinger extended forward.


Potential Messaging

Acquisition Information

See Invertebrate Acquisitions document for list of sources and testimonials.

Comments from the Rating System

Natural History Information

Range and Habitat


Physical Description


Life Cycle




Threats and Conservation Status


Did you know…



Contributors and Citations

  • Niabi Zoo

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