Domestic Cat

Felis catus

Order: Carnivora

Husbandry Information

Housing Requirements

Diet Requirements

  • Carnivore

Veterinary Concerns

Notes on Enrichment & Training

Programmatic Information

Tips on Presentation

Tips on Handling

  • Hamill Family Play Zoo, Brookfield Zoo: our cats have been trained to wear a harness and leash when out to meet guests.

Potential Messaging

  • Hamill Family Play Zoo, Brookfield Zoo: The domestic cats reside in an exhibit space designed to look like part of someone’s home. Generally speaking, the animals housed in this space are those that the zoo endorses as good pets for families based on size, general suitability, and availability (i.e. captive bred and not taken from the wild). There have been great conversations with guests about what pets need from the people that take care of them and why certain kinds of animals may be a better fit for that particular guest’s family.
  • Outdoor cats pose a huge risk to wildlife, by some measures killing billions of animals each year:

Acquisition Information

  • Hamill Family Play Zoo, Brookfield Zoo: We have always adopted the domestic cats we have as part of our collection by working with local shelters. Win-win for all involved!

Comments from the Rating System

  • Natural Science Center of Greensboro: Messaging is hard on this one, but they work great with younger crowds because the kids always seem to be happy petting a cat.
  • Hamill Family Play Zoo, Brookfield Zoo: Agreed on above in regards to guests being concerned that the cat does not have an entire house to roam and “regular” people to be social with. We explain that they get to spend time with lots of people every day, including their Keepers who they are very familiar with and that they are out of their enclosures during those times as well as when Keepers interact with them while the exhibit is not open to the public.

Natural History Information

Range and Habitat

Physical Description

Life Cycle


Threats and Conservation Status


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Contributors and Citations

  • Natural Science Center of Greensboro
  • Hamill Family Play Zoo, Brookfield Zoo