Desert Hairy Scorpion

Hadrurus hirsutus


Husbandry Information


Cincinnati has used nail polish on roaches and scorpions for individual identification purposes


Housing Requirements


Diet Requirements


Veterinary Concerns


Notes on Enrichment & Training


Programmatic Information


Temperature Guidelines

See: Temperature and Transport: Welfare Implications for Ambassador Ectotherms from AASAG Newsletter, Dec. 2016



Tips on Presentation


Tips on Handling


Potential Messaging


Acquisition Information


Comments from the Rating System

  • Maryland Zoo in Baltimore: We show all arachnids in a clear box. No one handles them on program. Animal care staff packs them for program staff and volunteers.
  • Zoo America: We don’t hold our scorpions. They do well in observation boxes, though.

Natural History Information

Range and Habitat


Physical Description


Life Cycle




Threats and Conservation Status


Did you know…




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Contributors and Citations

  • Cincinnati Zoo
  • Maryland Zoo
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